Drinking game MK II

I might start by explaining why it’s called mk 2. I all started a Saturday night when I was together with some friends and doing what we usually do on a Saturday night, binge drink! We played some drinking games to make the night more fun, but we didn’t seem to get the games right, some were too difficult to play and some we didn’t remember the rules, so we make up the rules as we went on. We used dices, playing cards and watched TV(Futurama’s “Drink when you see a robot”), there were all fun games, but it wasn’t funny going back and forth between games.

As I was told, I went into my room and returned half an hour later with a device on a breadboard, the ultimate drinking game was born in a haze of Captain Morgan fumes!

The game was simple, but effective, any drunk could play it!

The game had only on button, you couldn’t go wrong, press it and a name pop-pups on the screen with the number of sips/shots to drink. This game became a legend! We talked about marketing the device and hiring top-less chicks for advertisement(usual drunk talk).

Then came the sad part, I tried to make it more compact, more portable, but i managed to destroy the display :(, the project went dormant for long time.

It was time to put the Drinking Game to the next level.

Living in a country where electronics isn’t cheap nor readily available, I turned to Ebay for supplies. It took some time for the supplies to arrive and I wanted the debut the project for the local festival(jóansøka) and I managed to get all parts one day before the festival!

Parts list:

  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • 4×20 LCD Display
  • MMA7260 3-axis accelerometer
  • Black aluminum project box
  • SMD buttons
I had ordered a Arduino Mini, but it didn’t arrive before the festival, so I had to sacrifice my Duemilanove. Putting the project together was brutal, i didn’t have any awesome power tools(my mom wont let me have any ;)), but I managed fine with a hacksaw and a drill.
The case isn’t the best looking, the hole for the power socket looks like Second Life logo, but it does the work. The Duemilanove too so much space that i couldn’t fit an internal battery, and I even had to remove those whatchamacallit black sockets, but to my wildest surprise, the display board fit right in like the box was created for it(different suppliers).
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.
All the stuff that will be tightly packed into the case
The game, partiality assembled and showing the accelerometer  output.
The Game fully assembled(buttons are not glued, and yes, the plastic is still on the display)
I glued/epoxye’d the buttons to the case, its kind of smelly and still semi-sticky, think i got the mix wrong.
The software is crap, i hacked it together while drunk and hungover. Now the box has only one game(pass the bomb), but the future plan is to have multiple games.
Check out the video demo.
As far I i know there hasn’t been and drinking game made yet, but correct me if i’m wrong

About havanissa

Being in Faroe Island(google it), I live a double life, during the day i'm a codemonkey but at nights I dress up as havanissa(garden gnome) and work on electronics and other funny stuff

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