This is what’s next

I finally got me rc plane from hobbyking, the first flights weren’t successes. First flight, slammed into a wall, note to self: dont’ fly indoors. Second flight, reverse control detected, hit the ground very hard, note to self: Check ailerons before flights, stick to the left means the left aileron goes up.

The second flight crushed my propeller, even though the aircraft was design to protect the propeller, I somehow managed to destroy them(the propeller).  Getting some new propellers seemed to be a challenge, no RC shops in faroes with propellers for electric planes, so I had to order them from Hong Kong, yet again.

Now I have finally got my propellers(5 of them) and I’m ready to challenge the basics of RC flights, before I start modify the hell out of the plane(which now is most duct-tape than airplane) .

The setup I have.

Hobby-King Bixler

Hobby-King 6ch 2.4ghz remote

Turnigy 25amp ESC

Turnigy 1300mah battery(two of them)

Turnigy 6-cell balanced charger

Turnigy neckstrap(very handy)

Two bladed 6×4 propeller

Three bladed propeller(for special occasions)

All this setting me back $200 plus some $80 in customs(those bastards!)

The plan is to make a fancy aerial photography rig and maybe an autopilot, who knows, i’m only at the beginning and a bigger plane is always better(that’s what she said)


About havanissa

Being in Faroe Island(google it), I live a double life, during the day i'm a codemonkey but at nights I dress up as havanissa(garden gnome) and work on electronics and other funny stuff

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