FaroeHawkI’ve finally got in to RC and FPV.

So far, I have two planes, the awesome Hobbyking Bixler and a scale GlobalHawk EuroHawk FaroeHawk. The Bixler has sustained a lot of damaged(experience) and is now mostly duck-tape. The FaroeHawk hasn’t had it’s maiden flight yet, due to engine problems. The EDF is having some balancing problems, and when I finally got the balancing done, the fan got stuck and screwed the balancing… just my luck, so the plane got grounded again…

My gear:

Hobbyking Bixler


Sony 1/3″ Super HAD CCD camera

900 mHz analog video transmitter 1500mW

2100mAh batteries

1300mAh batteries

HD WingCameras

Here’s my first FPV compilation

And here are some pictures from my “Oh Gravity Thou Art A Heartless Bitch”-album

Wing folded, too much power!(didn’t have any wing rod)

Smashed my band new wing rod… new controller…

Lost line of sight, fully loaded with FPV gear(smashed wing rod, again)

The Bixler, brand new

Testing Pan/Tilt system

Fully loaded FPV setup. What can I say… I love duck-tape

The FPV station, 900mHz reciever, Sandisk V-Mate(for recording) and a superb 7″ scansonic TV. I look short…

And the newest member to the team, a blackbox with telemetry(for locating the wreckage Saving the FPV gear)

And finally, my latest flight crash

Lost line-of-sight, plane was the same color as the background and forgot the use the FPV until it was too late


About havanissa

Being in Faroe Island(google it), I live a double life, during the day i'm a codemonkey but at nights I dress up as havanissa(garden gnome) and work on electronics and other funny stuff

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