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It’s been a while since I’ve been drunk while sitting in front of the computer, so here are the key points(done while sober).

I’ve crashed the RQ4, while doing some ground taxing’.

I’ve figured out why the RQ4 crashed, it was due the a short circuit in the antenna… or a faulty ESC… but the antenna was shortcircuited.

I’ve added two more aircrafts to my fleet, a HK FPV EPP and an experimental QuadCopter

I’ve gotten two new remotes…

Also I have totaled the Bixler.

Just when I repaired the Bixler, removing all the duct tape and replacing it with  9 zip ties and a paperclip, that how ever didn’t change the fact that I had no stick carbon tube holding the wings together. It just disintegrated on a sharp turn.

The last flight just before the disintegration.

A picture of me Quadcopter

Current specs.

4x NTM 28-26A 1200kv motors(HK)

10×6 props CW and CCW(HK)

HK QuadCopter frame(HK)

KK Board 5.5 controller(DX)

2x 2200mAh Turnigy 3s 20c batteries

Future parts:

4x ESC 30A Plush(duh!, HK)

4x NTM 28 series motor mount(duh!, HK)

ESC programmer and various wiring parts.

I know that the 10×6 props are way over sized for the quad and the batteries are way to underrate 88Amps constant draw in total for a 120A setup(160A burst).


I look awsome!

The plane has some awkward flying characteristics, I guess it was due to the tail being off centered or it might be the motor pushing the plane on high throttle.

My EPP FPV specs

Motor: NTM 35-36A 1400kv 550W

tried the NTM 25-48 900kv 815W, but it didn’t produce enough trust.

Prop: Airscrew 10×6

ESC: HK Red Brick 70A

Servos: Turnigy 9025MG metal geared.

Battery: 2x 2200mAh Turnigy 25c

Telemetry: Quanum(not Quantum) telemetry system with AMP and Temp meter. This is an awesome system! and very cheap one.

Remote: Turnigy 9X with er9x firmware


The first two test were very awkward to fly, I had the 900kv motor mounted and it didn’t provide enough lift for the plane or the plane was unbalanced(too tail heavy)

The 1300kv motor preforms better, but it draws way to much amps, 65A@WOT measured with the Quanum, WAY over the limit of the motor, which is rated at 55A max. On a normal flight, it draws about 5-20amps on average, so I guess it’s good the have the big overhead for “emergency” situations.

The plane is WAY overpowered and will have no problem doing 3D, if the thrust was vectored properly(or perhaps its the tail pushing it downwards at WOT)


For future plans, I want to build an autopilot, I already have all the parts and working on a prototype. If I fail, there is always the diydrone’s APM2, a cheap AWESOME! multipurpose autopilot.


About havanissa

Being in Faroe Island(google it), I live a double life, during the day i'm a codemonkey but at nights I dress up as havanissa(garden gnome) and work on electronics and other funny stuff

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