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More RC

It’s been a while since I’ve been drunk while sitting in front of the computer, so here are the key points(done while sober).

I’ve crashed the RQ4, while doing some ground taxing’.

I’ve figured out why the RQ4 crashed, it was due the a short circuit in the antenna… or a faulty ESC… but the antenna was shortcircuited.

I’ve added two more aircrafts to my fleet, a HK FPV EPP and an experimental QuadCopter

I’ve gotten two new remotes…

Also I have totaled the Bixler.

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FaroeHawkI’ve finally got in to RC and FPV.

So far, I have two planes, the awesome Hobbyking Bixler and a scale GlobalHawk EuroHawk FaroeHawk. The Bixler has sustained a lot of damaged(experience) and is now mostly duck-tape. The FaroeHawk hasn’t had it’s maiden flight yet, due to engine problems. The EDF is having some balancing problems, and when I finally got the balancing done, the fan got stuck and screwed the balancing… just my luck, so the plane got grounded again…

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This is what’s next

I finally got me rc plane from hobbyking, the first flights weren’t successes. First flight, slammed into a wall, note to self: dont’ fly indoors. Second flight, reverse control detected, hit the ground very hard, note to self: Check ailerons before flights, stick to the left means the left aileron goes up.

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What’s next?

I’ve had a lot of time to plan my next project, but I haven’t abandoned the drinking genre yet. Waking up sunday morning with humongous  hangover, I got a brilliant idea!

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Drinking Game – Source code & wiring diagram

Source code and wiring

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Drinking game MK II

I might start by explaining why it’s called mk 2. I all started a Saturday night when I was together with some friends and doing what we usually do on a Saturday night, binge drink! We played some drinking games to make the night more fun, but we didn’t seem to get the games right, some were too difficult to play and some we didn’t remember the rules, so we make up the rules as we went on. We used dices, playing cards and watched TV(Futurama’s “Drink when you see a robot”), there were all fun games, but it wasn’t funny going back and forth between games.

As I was told, I went into my room and returned half an hour later with a device on a breadboard, the ultimate drinking game was born in a haze of Captain Morgan fumes!

The game was simple, but effective, any drunk could play it!

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